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Custom Party Plan

Pick the party solution for you!

Whether it's a gift you’re giving or the perfect party you’re planning

Celebrating and party planning has never been easier. With me, your go to personal shopper for all things celebratory!

Many people assume that party planning is another task on your ever growing to do list. And don’t know where to start.

you save time, take the credit, and enjoy celebrating!

I'm there to guide you every step of the way

Ready to help you get your time back and spend more of it celebrating!

I too know what it feels like to spend hours searching for inspiration. After time is up you are no further planned than when you started. 

You've only accomplished creating a Pinterest board and pinning to it. And now have a head that is swirling with ideas.

You to have been searching on Pinterest. Only to feel frustrated with a party plan that is incomplete.

You may have tried to copy your favorite DIY Party Blog Post. But you ended up going way over budget. You found yourself last minute shopping. Staying up late the night before putting it all together.

You are so ready for someone to help. But you think it's not ok to ask for it. 

That’s where I come in to save the day!

your color loving new bestie 

I'm Bridget, 

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